Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Some working code

Yes, actually some code that vaguely works. I've got the display and map creation working quite nicely. The game works a bit like "Sword of Fargoal" in that it normally doesn't look like this, it opens up as you work your way through the game. The game is in many ways a simplified version of Sword of Fargoal.

The two blank lines at the top are for prompts. If I have the time I may change this so its a scrolling around a central point kind of game (e.g. the player does not move on the screen, everything else moves round him or her).

The two numbers are the Frames/Second and the number of rooms.

This is written using a tool called AppGameKit, which is quite an old fashioned BASIC language (appropriately) but it is cross device portable - this is a Windows version but I could port it to work on OSX, iOS and Android. Could this be the next Flappy Bird ? (No).

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